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Mizner Stoneworks offers the original Cast Stone Architectural products from Addison Mizner and his construction company. Architectural Cast Stone products available for Historic Reproductions. We also produce original Stoneworks and any Stonework copies you may need. From 1 piece to 100's of pieces. Structural and Decorative cast stone available for commercial and home building. Mizner Stoneworks manufactures all types of original and historic Cast Stone products for your Home or Commercial property. Addison Mizner's architectural dream continues here at Mizner Stoneworks.

Mizner Stoneworks


- Interior Cast Stone
- Exterior Cast Stone
- Decorative Cast Stone
- All Finishes
- All Textures
- All Colors
- From 1 to 1000's

From your dreams or the Drawing board...

We turn your dreams
into reality!

Mizner Stoneworks offers Worldwide delivery of all our Cast Stone products...


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From 1 Cast Stone piece to 1000's of Cast Stone pieces. Contact us for more information


 Cast Stone Trellis

Cast Stone Exterior Treatments with Columns, Trellis and BalustradesOverhead Cast Stone Trellis

trelˇlis [trélliss ] noun (plural trelˇlisˇes) 
1. lattice for supporting a plant: a lattice of wood, metal, or plastic used to support plants, usually fixed to a wall
2. latticework structure: a structure made of latticework, especially an arch
transitive verb (past trelˇlised, past participle trelˇlised, present participle trelˇlisˇing, 3rd person present singular trelˇlisˇes)
1. train a plant on a lattice: to support or train a plant such as a vine on a trellis
2. make something into a trellis: to interweave pieces of wood, metal, or plastic to make a trellis
[14th century. Via Old French trelis from Latin trilix , literally "three threads," from licium "thread of a warp."]

Overhead Stone Trellis used as an Architectural exterior treatment

Above: Overhead Trellis connecting Main House to Guest House - 79 feet long by 134 foot radius.

Stone Trellis as an accent for an outdoor garden

Outdoor cast stoneworks - columns, balustrades and Trellis



  Originally Mizner Industries, ca. 1922
Custom work and historic reproductions...
as well as a full line of "standard" cast stone architectural products

Mizner Stoneworks

Telephone: (407) 864-2345
Postal Address:
2405 West Princeton St.#7 Orlando, FL 32804

General Information & Sales: keith@miznerstone.com

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